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About Us

The journey began in the end of 2014, where 3 sisters were contemplating on ideas of how can they match their passion on Muslimah-wear with the experience on dealing with raw cotton suppliers overseas. They started with Jubah, then move to Telekung, and after few months testing the waters, Telekung has become the perfect match for them to bring the highest value to the people out there (whom they love to refer as #bidadariTCO).

In 2015, the venture started with small batch of Telekung design released. The first customer received was when all these founders were in Mecca performing Umrah. From that day onwards, the sisters started experimenting on offering more variations to the Telekung design, at the same time still maintaining the Syariah-compliant elements on the materials, design, as well as the buying process from the time #bidadariTCO bought the Telekung until they received it.

To date, has released more than 9 different telekung cotton series to cater to different segment of #bidadariTCO demand. And we won’t stop at 9 series, there will be more to come (please do share your feedback so that we know what exactly you want & prepare it accordingly).

“Beauty for the Creator”

With the vision of providing Telekung that is affordable, aesthetically pleasing design & most importantly, follow the Shariah principles in the context of Muslimah wear itself, we sincerely hope that can be the best & the only platform for you to get an outfit for your “date” with the Creator, 5 times a day, in line with our tagline, “Beauty for the Creator”.

Technicalities on is an online store run & managed by TCO Marketing Resources registered under SSM with registration number of 002581200-K and currently operating 100% online in which all transactions being done online (no physical shop & no COD).

We don't have any physical store at the moment but we do run our business from our office in Ampang. 

Any questions with regards to & its products can be made via contact form on page below: