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Simply put, 'as-is' telekung didn't pass our strict QC (quality checking). While it can be viewed as a defect item, it can still be worn & the defect(s) will not be visible to the naked eyes.

Kindly proceed to order only if you are agreeable to the following terms:

☑️ No refund will be given on the purchase made;
☑️ The item has defect is some part of the telekung, hence it didn't pass our strict QC (quality checking);
☑️ Defect can range from stains, broken stitching, minor holes, needle cuts, no bag and etc. But we ensure that the item can still be worn and defects are not really visible to others;
☑️ No free gifts provided;
☑️ No exclusive TCO box provided. If you still want to add TCO box, kindly add it to cart (RM10) below:
☑️ Also if you want extra protection to the TCO exclusive box, kindly also add to cart protective box (RM10) below: